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Over the course of the year, your lawn goes through a lot of wear and tear.


Everything from walking on your lawn to the regularly changing weather can cause compaction, meaning the soil is pushed very close together. When compaction becomes too severe, it keeps your grass from taking in enough oxygen to continue growing healthily.

Another common problem with lawn growth is the accumulation of thatch.

What is thatch? Good question!

It’s a layer of decomposing organic material that builds up between the living green grass and the soil. While a small amount of thatch can act as a layer of insulation against the weather, too much of it can reduce the amount of oxygen that gets to your grass roots.

Core Aeration stimulates the growth of your lawn at the root level.

The process of Aeration involves using a machine to pull small “cores” from the ground, forming small holes. This reduces compaction by creating more room for your plants to grow and allows more oxygen to enter your lawn’s soil. It also punctures the layer of thatch that blocks oxygen and water from soaking into the soil. Aeration drastically improves airflow, water circulation, and fertilization overall. Your grass’s roots will be able to grow more fully and deeply, making your lawn greener and happier.

Invest in the health of your lawn by aerating and overseeding regularly. A lawn care specialist should perform Core Aeration on your lawn in the Fall of each year.

Overseeding is the process of spreading a well balanced blanket of premium grass seed over an existing lawn to rejuvenate the growth of your lawn after Core Aeration.

This is essential for re-stimulating the growth of your lawn after a period of reduced access to water, oxygen, and fertilizer. As we discussed, this is often a problem with thatch accumulation and compaction. Aeration improves the health of your soil, which means it’s the perfect time to plant new seeds to boost grass growth. Overseeding will fill in empty or thin patches on your lawn. Not only will your lawn become more lush, but it will be healthier too!

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