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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us with any additional questions or concerns. We frequently use client input to continue developing into a company you would recommend to your friends and family.

A recommended service is based on the condition your lawn is in. For example, if our specialists recognize “Brown Patch Fungus”, they will mark on your invoice the corresponding recommended program.

Many people and companies fertilize two to four times per year to be cost and time effective. Additionally, both granual and liquid fertilizers last a matter of five weeks. Therefore, while our service is performed carefully each time, there is no substitute for the thorough attention your lawn and environment receive when we fertilize seven times per year.

No. However, for safety precautions we ask that you stay off the lawn for at least 24 hours so the product can begin to work effectively.

This will be situational. Each lawn – though it may not seem it – does vary slightly. Some see results as soon as a few months but it may take as long as one year to see the results you would consider “complete”.

Price is based on square footage of your lawn. You will know the price during the same visit we measure it.

Service calls are done between your scheduled applications. For instance, if we treated your lawn and there are still a few weeds in the lawn, our specialists will come back out to treat with a supplemental application. Service calls are FREE.

Triad Weed Free does not require a contract. We work off a schedule specialized for your environment that may be cancelled at any time.

While servicing your lawn, we put a flag in the front yard to show it is a Work In Progress (WIP). After the applications have been completed, we leave an invoice on your front door with information of the services we have performed that day. Many of our clients prefer to pre-pay to receive our discounts.