A green lawn offers more than just great curb appeal. Healthy grass helps to cool your yard and, in turn, your house, it provides clean air for your family, and helps prevent dirt, dust, and other debris from getting into your home. Regular turf treatments are a great way to keep your grass full, healthy, and green, but if you follow these simple lawn care tips, you’ll enjoy a healthier lawn and greener grass all summer long.

Lawn Care Tips for Greener Grass

1. Maintain your lawn mower.

Imagine cutting your hair with a dull pair of scissors: you’d get an uneven cut and damaged ends that make it look unhealthy. The same is true for cutting your lawn with dull mower blades.

A sharp blade will cleanly cut rather than tear the grass blade, which can turn yellow or brown if damaged. Damaged grass will also sap more nutrients and water out of the soil, and is more vulnerable to disease.

lawn care tips for greener grass

2. Adjust the cutting height when you mow.

It’s tempting to cut your grass extra low to extend the time between mowing, especially in the summer when your lawn seems to spring up overnight. Cutting too close to the ground can be damaging to your grass, however, in more ways than one.

Generally, you should adjust your mower to cut only the top third of the grass blade. This section is the leaf of the blade and will decompose quickly. The bottom part of the blade is the stem, which takes longer to decompose and can block out precious sunlight, air, and water from reaching the roots of your lawn. Cutting too low can also expose roots and stems, which are easily damaged in harsh sunlight.

3. Try deep watering.

Most people water their lawns with a light sprinkling of water a few times per week during dry summer days. This method for watering your lawn only wets the grass and the top layer of soil, which can evaporate quickly and leads to shallow root systems that quickly give out at the first signs of heat or drought.

lawn care tips for greener grass

Triad Weed Free recommends the deep watering method, which involves soaking your lawn 4-5 inches below the surface. This method encourages a deeper root system in your grass, which means a greener lawn and less frequent watering.

To find out how long it takes your sprinkler to deliver enough water, set a shallow pan on a flat part of your lawn and note how long it takes for the pan to be filled with 1 inch of water.

We understand that every lawn is different, depending on the local climate and the type of grass you have in your lawn. At Triad Weed Free, we offer customized turf treatment packages designed to keep your grass green and healthy. Contact us today to schedule a FREE lawn analysis!