Proper fertilization is necessary to keep your lawn looking its best. We want to walk you through some of the scientific reasons why you should be fertilizing your lawn, using a professional lawn care service.

We need food to give us the energy to stay alive. Think of fertilizer like food for your lawn. Fertilizer provides necessary nutrients which keep your grass green and beautiful. Just like you, if your lawn is consistently hungry, it won’t stay healthy.

Yes, the soil where your grass is planted does have its own nutrients. But, in order to survive, your grass will deplete the naturally occurring nutrients in the soil. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the main nutrients your lawn needs to stay alive and healthy. If any one of these nutrients is too low, your grass will have trouble growing.

Your lawn’s soil may not be naturally fertile enough to support your lawn. Some lawns are planted with types of grass the soil cannot keep alive on its own, which is why you should be using fertilizer. Fertilizer can replenish the nutrients in your soil, allowing your grass to continue growing even after the natural fertility of the base soil is drained.


Your soil’s pH level can also affect your lawn’s growth.

pH is the measure of how acidic your soil is. The acidity of soil can determine whether or not your grass can survive, as different plants thrive at different pH levels. For example, Fescue, a common lawn grass, grows best in soil within a pH level range of 5.5 – 6.5.

It’s a good idea to get your pH level tested before you apply any type of fertilizer, because fertilizer can change your soil’s acidity.

Over-fertilizing and over-watering your lawn can do just as much damage as neglecting your lawn.

Too much nitrogen and salt, which are both components of many commercial fertilizers, can turn your grass brown and brittle. Too much rain or water can also cause your soil to become more acidic.

Because so many factors can affect the growth of your lawn, fertilizers come in many different complex formulas. It can be very hard to know what fertilizer to choose if you are not an expert in lawn care. That’s why you should trust a professional and have your lawn fertilized by a knowledgeable technician who can tell exactly what your lawn needs.


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