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Your lawn is more than just grass and soil: the trees and shrubs that decorate and surround your home deserve just as much attention and care.


Our services will protect your plants from any threat to their health, as well as prevent any future problems. Our Tree & Shrub Program is a 7 step program that is synchronized with our turf programs. This program is designed to aid in the protection against many types of insects and fungal diseases.

Tree and Shrub Programs Triad NC

Beginning in Spring, we focus on restoring your plants to a healthy state after the cold Winter. The rest of the tree and shrub applications combine insecticides, fungicides, and miticides to ensure that your plants have a strong defense against any threats to their health. The program ends in late Fall, where we prepare your plants for another Winter.

Ready to give your trees and shrubs some attention?

The 7 steps of our Tree & Shrub program are tailored to the seasons and the needs of your plants.

For our Tree & Shrub Program, we use all liquid products. We can spray the plant, drench the trunk base, or use a deep root probe to ensure that your plant receives the right kind of treatment.

Tree and Shrub Programs Triad NC

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