Just because you don’t have to mow all winter, that’s no reason to ignore your lawn. When spring comes after a long, cold winter, will you spend time trying to repair and revive your damaged lawn? Proper lawn preparation begins in the fall! Keep your lawn healthy and protected from harsh temperatures and moisture by tending to your lawn before the first freeze. Try these winter lawn care tips today for a greener, healthier lawn next spring.

A Healthy Lawn Starts in the Fall

Getting some winter lawn care done early will cut back on your spring lawn care “to do” list. Start by treating your grass with a healthy dose of fertilizer before the winter freeze sets in. You won’t see quick results, but the fertilizer will nourish your lawn’s roots all winter.

Next, be sure to aerate your lawn. This will allow nutrients from your fertilizer to reach the roots of your lawn and encourages a deep root system that’s more likely to withstand a harsh winter.

Preventing Snow Mold

Snow mold is a fungus that develops in cold, wet conditions, such as when snow and ice are left sitting over your lawn for days at a time. Snow mold looks like gray or pinkish spider webs on your lawn.

Treatment for snow mold includes reseeding efforts and even fungicides if the mold doesn’t go away on its own. If left untreated, snow mold can cause rot at the roots of your lawn. To prevent the growth and spread of snow mold, make sure your lawn is fertilized before the snowy weather begins.

winter lawn care tips

Other Winter Lawn Care Tips:

  • Prune trees and bushes in the fall for healthy growth in the spring. Pruning will also keep trees and large shrubs from breaking and splitting under heavy ice or snow.
  • Be sure to aerate, fertilize, and mow BEFORE the first freeze in your area.
  • Clear away anything that might cause dead spots in your yard, such as leaf piles, fallen branches, and outdoor furniture.
  • Even if the grass isn’t green, it’s still a good idea to keep foot traffic to a minimum to prevent damaging dormant plants.

To keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all season, consider getting a turf program from an experienced lawn care professional. At Triad Weed Free, we’ll conduct a free lawn analysis and develop a custom turf program designed specifically for the needs of your lawn. Contact us today to schedule your free lawn analysis!